Cisco AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9 802.11n Wireless Access Point

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Cisco AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9 (Top View)

The Cisco 2600 series of access points is ideal for today's enterprise wireless applications, packed with the most advanced features in its class, this device will deliver the performance needed for heavy user activity such as video streaming and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The 2600 series access points have the ability to reach 450-Mbps data rates. This series is designed for warehouses, factories, other rugged indoor environments. With 802.11n and MIMO technology, the 2600 series access points deliver the speed and expand-ability that you expect. 


  • 802.11 a/g/n
  • Controller Based
  • External Antennas 
  • 3x4 MIMO
  • Client Link 2.0
  • Clean Air Technology
  • 802.11 dynamic frequency selection (DFS)
  • Cyclic shift diversity (CSD) suppory
  • Maximal ratio combining (MRC)